Our Billing Software was designed exclusively for procedure based specialists in the Healthcare industry. The design of this system allows us to react immediately to changes in the medical billing field and to our clients' specialized needs. We can achieve complete O.R. automation from the time of pre-admissions testing through the completion of the billing and collection process. Some capabilities of our software are:

- Automated Accounts Receivable Management
- Automated Patient Eligibility Verification
- Electronic Claims Submittal
- Automated Payment Posting and Denial logging through Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
- A Rules Engine that drives workflow and traps likely coding and data entry errors prior to claim submission
- Automated Patient Phone Calls
- Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval for paperless operations
- Automated Underpaid/Overpaid Claims Capture
- Built-In Automated Tickler File for Prevention of Untimely Claims Filing
- Automated Concurrency Monitoring and Tracking for all Provider Typess
- Electronic Anesthesia (Medical) Record Systems Interface/Integration Capability
- Automated Employee Productivity Monitoring and Reporting Capability

These are just some of the technology tools we utilize. For more details on how we can help you, please Contact Us.


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