ResourceOne Medical Billing, LLC is a full service billing and management company working with all aspects of your practice to insure accurate billing and maximum reimbursement. Our management team develops an all-inclusive system to meet the specific needs of your practice.

We are committed to tailoring our services to meet your individual service needs. ResourceOne provides the following:

- Electronic insurance filing and billing services
- Client Links/Secured FTP site to expedite transfer of    client information
- Electronic connections to numerous hospitals
- Electronic posting of payments
- Substandard insurance payment monitoring
- Optional storage of client records in electronic format
- Fee schedule analysis and recommendations
- Follow-up on unpaid claims
- Creation and mailing of color laser generated patient   statements
- Patient billing questions answered personally and   efficiently
- Courteous but effective collection of outstanding receivables
- Customized monthly statistical reports and tracking of   business   activity and productivity
- Checks and balances in place to ensure that all billable   procedures are captured
- Automated balance reminder calls to patients
- Process deposits through a bank lockbox or local post   office box depending on client’s preference
- Certified coders
- Maintain and monitor HIPPA compliance

- Secure Patient Portal for CC payments and document   downloads/uploads
- Continuous review of self pay patients for Medicaid   eligibility

The business of delivering health care has become extremely complicated. Today, even small physician practices require experienced, trained, and highly qualified managers and experts in a variety of fields to compete, insure efficiency, to optimize their billing and collections, and to stay in compliance with the numerous laws and regulations that effect day to day operations and profitability. It is normally not possible to afford to have all these experts on a single entity’s payroll.

ResourceOne Medical Billing has the trained, experience staff to respond to these needs. We can provide the expertise and support needed to respond to requirements, optimize the business aspects of an organization, and even provide advice and assistance in management and financial matters. Our team has a broad range of experience working with various medical specialties, hospitals, nursing facilities, and pharmacies. Services provided by ResourceOne consultants include:

- Financial Tools and Management
- Insurance Filing and Billing Services
- Accounts Receivable Management
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Compliance Audits
- Compliance Plan Development
- HIPAA Plan Development and Implementation
- Coding Assistance
- Training and Instruction
- Practice Start Up
- Managed Care Contract Negotiations
- Needs Assessments
- Practice Management Computer System Selection
- Fee Schedule Analysis
- Interim Practice Management
- Practice Evaluations
- Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking



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